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Reparing Major Road Slip in Waitomo

Mangarino Road repair underway

Nicholls and Uttinger Civil has been selected for our largest government project to date - working alongside Waitomo District Council and Pinnacles Civil to repair the Mangarino Road slip in Te Kuiti.

Severe weather in 2023 caused a major slip on Mangarino Road in September. After the initial slip, the damaged section continued to sink, and extensive repairs and rehabilitation are required.

Check out the big numbers on this project!

  • Around 350 truck and trailer loads of unsuitable slip soil material to be carted away to a local tip-site

  • More than 1km in length of stormwater drains to be installed at the slip repair site

  • Over 600 truck and trailer loads of rock to be imported from local quarries to build up the road base, before final roading construction works.

The Nicholls and Uttinger team commenced work in May 2024, starting with environmental controls and topsoil stripping.

Over the next few months, the team will install stormwater drains at the repair site, build up the road base, and complete final roading construction.

We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Waitomo District Council and Pinnacles Civil, helping to rebuild vital roading infrastructure for the community.

Nicholls and Uttinger Civil repair road
Nicholls and Uttinger Civil major road works