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Slip repairs completed on Colville Road, Thames-Coromandel

Damaged in two separate storm events in mid-July 2022 and February 2023 by Cyclone Gabrielle, Nicholls & Uttinger took the lead to deliver an extensive repair programme at three slip sites along Colville Road.

The first site required our team to retain the 13m long x 4m slip face with a rock buttress fill, with hard rock boulders up to 750mm in diameter, and carrying out stormwater drainage upgrade works.

The second site included the construction of a 15m long x 3m high mechanically stabilised earth wall using geotextiles and duramesh retaining baskets and delivering pavements and chipsealing.

The final site involved repairing and backfilling a 30m long road shoulder, digging out and reconstructing the shoulder and road base, and delivering pavement layers and chipsealing.

With poor reception in many areas, our team had a challenge on their hands, but our team maintained regular updates and QA testing records with the project team.

Our team are proud to complete the repair programme under the Thames Coromandel District Council’s roading network budget and within the specified programme timeframe, with zero health and safety issues.

Client feedback:

Nicholls and Uttinger Civil Ltd (N&U Civil Ltd) were the lead contractor on the Colville Road Slip Repairs package of works which included three slip sites. The slips sites were a result of damage which occurred during the July 2022 and February 2023 storm events which affected the Thames Coromandel District Councils Roading Network.

During the contract, communications were maintained (even with the poor reception on site). N&U Civil Ltd Project & Contract Managers would go out of their way to find reception to provide updates and QA testing records. The construction and management of the site was to a high standard and the hold points were adhered to.

The project was completed without any health and safety problems on site. The N&U Civil Ltd project team were easy to work with and made for a successful delivery of these sites. The works were completed under budget and within the specified programme.

I would be happy to discuss my experiences working with N&U Civil Ltd and would gladly work with them again in the future. 

Romahn Howard, Senior Project Manager
Engineers Representative, Pinnacles Civil