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Nicholls and Uttinger delivers work to repair Waitomo roads

Nicholls and Uttinger has been selected by Pinnacles Civil, on behalf of Waitomo District Council, to deliver vital work to repair Fullerton Road and Mairoa Road. 

Severe rainfall in early 2023 caused major slips on both roads, and work is underway to repair the roads and make them safe and functional for the community. 

At Fulllerton Road, Nicholls and Uttinger is constructing a 38m long steel beam retaining wall, using 9m deep galvanised steel UC beams, concreted into the ground with timber lagging boards.   

At Mairoa Road, our team is constructing a 27m long timber pole wall, using 6.5m high SED timber poles, concreted into the ground with timber lagging boards.

Working across two sites, Nicholls and Uttinger has extensive planning in place to manage traffic, minimise risks, and protect the environment. 

This project also includes earth works, structural fill, pavements, guardrails and chipsealing.

Nicholls and Uttinger is looking forward to delivering this important work and making life better for the Waitomo community. 

Fullerton Road, Waitomo

Mairoa Road, Waitomo