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Nicholls and Uttinger begins work to repair Coromandel slips

Nicholls and Uttinger is proud to partner with Pinnacles Civil to deliver vital work repairing the Colville Road and Kennedy Bay slips, in partnership with Thames Coromandel District Council. 

The Colville Road and Kennedy Bay slips were caused by Cyclone Gabrielle in February 2023. Extensive work is underway around the region to repair roads and keep Coromandel connected.

Nicholls and Uttinger is working across six slip repair sites, utilising our extensive experience in earthworks, roadworks and civil construction.  

At one site, our team is constructing a 3m high mechanically stabilised earth wall using geotextiles and duramesh retaining baskets, and delivering pavements and chipsealing. 

At two of the sites, our team is retaining the slip face with a rock buttress fill, with hard rock boulders up to 750mm in diameter, and carrying out stormwater drainage upgrade works.

Two of the sites are gabion wall sites, and the final site involves digging out a slumping road shoulder,  reconstructing the road base, and delivering pavement layers and chipsealing.

The Nicholls and Uttinger is looking forward to this important project and helping to keep the community connected now and into the future.