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Taumatatotara West Road slip repair

October - November 2023

Restoring access to the local community was of vital importance for the Waitomo District Council when a 3,800m3 slip cut off access during an adverse weather event late last year.

Our skilled team lent our expertise, quality machinery and resource to move earth, realign and repair the Taumatatotara West Road over a six week period. 

The team realigned the existing road, installed new swale drains to improve future drainage needs, erected new sight rails and fencing, and felled trees to make the road safe for the community to use again. 

Client feedback

"The project is a geologically challenging site on an active slip so there were substantial health and safety issues to consider. 

The works required a large amount of earthworks with stakeholders and landowners actively engaged in observing the works throughout its construction. By all accounts the local landowners were satisfied both during and completion of the project.

Waitomo District Council were kept informed proactively throughout and Nicholls and Uttinger Civils engagement and collaboration throughout was excellent. Their can-do attitude is evident.


Nicholls and Uttinger Civil demonstrated skill and competence at all levels of management. Key risks were identified and managed appropriately. All responses to deliverables were early.


Delivery was significantly ahead of the target completion date. Any isolated issues were corrected in a timely fashion and the site was very tidy with good pride in the overall look. There were no non-conformances throughout the project.

Health and Safety

There was good implementation of OSH management information on site. TMP and Traffic control was completed and implemented with prior consultation with the requisite outside parties.

This was a challenging site and Nicholls and Uttinger Civil responded positively to our H&S requirements. 


QA documentation had minimal deficiencies from the required standard and delivery was below the total budget and well within the programmed timeframes with ‘no short cuts’ taken to get there. Variations were efficiently priced, approved and recorded in a timely fashion. Nicholls and Uttinger Civil kept Waitomo District Council informed and worked collaboratively on Variations.

We appreciate the work undertaken and look forward to working together in the future."

Te Iwa Fisher

Local Roads Professional Services
Waitomo District Council